To us, driving your car without protecting its flawless finish first is like putting a pageant queen in a boxing ring — you know there’s going to be risks, so you gotta do something to protect that beauty.

You didn’t buy that gorgeous vehicle just to watch it become a victim of road rash. Protect it!

What Is A Clear Bra?

Clear Bras can help deflect the damage that road debris and other corrosives cause to your car by adding a practically impervious layer of protection. Made from plastic urethane, this thin paint protection film allows car owners to protect the exterior surface of their vehicle without altering its appearance. When applied by professionals, the Clear Bra film is practically undetectable and can be used to protect fenders, grills, hoods, headlights, doors, and more!

Clear Bra protective films can provide car paint protection against:

  • Dirt, rocks, and gravel
  • Oils and other corrosive liquids
  • Insects and their acids
  • Vandalism
  • Curb rash
  • UV rays

Schedule Your Clear Bra Installation at Ultimate Finish

As factory-authorized installation experts, the team at Ultimate Finish strives to extend the beauty of your car efficiently and affordably. We are based in Wichita, but we bring our services to towns and communities throughout Tornado Alley.

Don’t punish your beauty or diminish her value by exposing her to the risks of the road. A Clear Bra can be applied quickly and affordably by the techs at Ultimate Finish and we’re eager to help! Contact us to schedule your Clear Bra installation now.