How Paintless Dent Repair Is Done

Essentially, all paintless dent repair works in a similar fashion in the same way: by following the same recipe each time. However, how the person following that recipe — or, in this case creating, a paintless dent-repair technique — executes the work makes a world of difference. A talented cook can make an average recipe taste great, just likea better paintless dent repair specialist can make a more seamless adjustment to the body of your car. But how does that process work?

First, your paintless dent repair specialist will assess the damage in their own time. They’ll have a better understanding of how the metal was moved and how it can be moved to easily recreate the original body and look of the car. The details that govern how easily a dent can be fixed are things like how big the dent is, where the dent is located, and whether your specialist can get to the interior of the dent. Once they’ve managed that, it’s only a matter of figuring out how to apply the superior paintless dent repair techniques we’re so renowned for. Reach out to PDR to schedule your assessment and repair today.