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After a hail storm happens the last thing you want is a back and forth with your insurance company. ​​

We walk you through every step of the process. So that you save money & get repaired faster.

The best way to find out if your car insurance policy covers hail damage is to call and make a report. Your agent should easily be able to guide you through the process. If you have a paintless dent repair shop in mind, they’ll let you know if your insurance company can work with them and, if they can’t, they’ll give you other options. Even if your insurance doesn’t offer hail damage repair, it’s always a good idea to check; you may save a considerable amount on paintless hail damage repair if your plan includes that perk.

If your car insurance policy does support hail damage repair, they’ll likely send out an agent to assess the damage on the vehicle. At that point, they’ll provide a repair quote which takes into account things like the age of the car, the model of the car, the extent of the damage and other factors. This allows insurance agents to make assessments on whether or not it’s a totaled car or not. If it is, they’ll offer you a buyout for the car and give you the current worth of the vehicle, usually based on the Kelly Blue Book value of the car. The car will only be considered totaled if the repairs are more than the car is worth. If they offer to total it and give you a buyout that’s not enough to afford another car, you can choose to deny the buyout and instead choose to pay out-of-pocket for paintless dent repair.

At this point, once your insurance company deems that your vehicle is worth repairing according to the value of the car, your insurance company will give you a check that will cover the repair, or most of the repair in some cases and depending on your individual car insurance policy.

If your car is not being totaled, or you’re deciding to pay for the car’s paintless dent repair yourself, you can reach out to Ultimate Finish. Oftentimes, our repair costs are much lower than the insurance repair estimate. This makes our services more affordable for individuals who’ve decided to pay for their repair themselves as well. Once we’ve agreed on a repair quote, we’ll be able to start repairing your car via paintless dent repair so that your vehicle’s body, once again, looks flawless and smooth.

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